Story Challenge

Sussex County Students in 4th through 12th grades are invited to join the Sussex County Story Challenge!

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Make a video and become a local historian!  Share online and help build the Library's Local History E-Collection...

Send us your essays, drawings, photos and videos to help perserve memories of Sussex County times gone by....
Chosen stories will become part of the Library's Local History E-Collection

Read stories by students...




Now...we need YOU to create more stories about Sussex County history so the E-Collection can grow!

Here's How To Enter:
First: Choose one of the story angles listed below and do your research... don't forget to contact the Library if you want help finding information!
Next: Have fun writing, creating pictures or making a video about Sussex County History.
Then: Send us your story!

CLICK HERE for Official Guidelines and the Entry Form.

CLICK HERE for a list of Historic Markers in Sussex County.

ANGLE #1  "My Family"

For a “My Family” Story: Choose a person in your own family to interview who has lived in Sussex County for a long time. This person must be someone who can tell you a story about your family and Sussex County that took place before 1970.

ANGLE #2  "My Community"

For a “My Community” Story: Think of someone you know, maybe from your neighborhood or your church, who you can interview to find out what they remember about growing up in Sussex County before 1970 – or stories they heard from family.

ANGLE #3 "My County"

For a “My County” Entry: Create a drawing or photograph of one of the Historic Marker Sites in your area - accompanied by a short essay about why you chose that site.

Read the Guidelines to find out how you can make a video based on any of these story angles.
HAVE FUN!! And thanks for helping to build the Sussex County Library's Local History E-Collection!

Email your questions about the Story Challenge to

The Grannie Annie– an international contest inspired by Sussex County residents.  Learn More about the family behind The Grannie Annie and how their example led to the Sussex County Library Story Challenge!