Local History - Historic Markers





Andover Borough

Lackawana Cutoff

Route 517

Andover Borough

Andover Iron Works

Route 206 South

Branchville Borough

Branchville, NJ

Branchville Borough Park on Wantage Avenue/Sussex County Route 519.

Byram Township

Amity School

On Amity Road

Frankford Township

Augusta Hill Baptists

Augusta Hill Road.  Just off of Route 206

Franklin Borough

Dr. Samuel Fowler

Route 631, North Church Road

Fredon Township


On the lawn of the Fredon Township Elementary School on Route 94 North

Fredon Township

Yellow Frame Church

Route 94 North at the border of Sussex and Warren Counties, on the lawn of the church grounds

Green Township

Thomas Woolverton's Tavern

Pequest Road in Green Township

Hamburg Borough

Joseph Sharp’s Iron Works

Gingerbread Castle Road off Route 23

Hampton Township

Twin Bridges

Route 626 in Hampton

Hardyston Township



Hopatcong Borough

Home of Hudson Maxim

323 Lakeside Boulevard

Lafayette Township

The Lafayette Foundry

In the parking lot in the center of Lafayette on the corner of County Route 659 and State Route 15.

Montague Township

Brick House Village

On the River Road just past the intersection of Routes 206, Deckertown Turnpike and River Road.

Town of Newton

Newton Green

On the Green in the Town of Newton at the intersections of Routes 206/94 and Spring Street.

Town of Newton

Newton Green ~ A Birthplace of Democracy

On the Green in the Town of Newton at the intersections of Routes 206/94 and Spring Street.

Town of Newton

Henry W. Merriam

Newton-Sparta Road in front of the former Merriam Shoe Factory.

Ogdensburg Borough

Old Schoolhouse and Firehouse Museum

Passaic Avenue just off Main Street by the Ogdensburg Elementary School

Sandyston Township

The Westbook-Bell House

On the Old Mine Road in Sandyston Township

Sandyston Township

Hainesville, NJ

In front of the Municipal Building on Route 645

Stanhope Borough

Stanhope, NJ

On Main St. diagonally across from the Municipal Bldg. 

Stillwater Township

Casper Schafer House

On County Route 610

Sussex Borough

Sussex Borough, N.J.

Main Street at the Deckertown Commons Park adjacent to the former Sussex Theatre

Vernon Township

St. Thomas Episcopal Church

On the lawn in front of the church on Route 94 South

Vernon Township

Price’s Switch Schoolhouse

On Price's Switch Road

Walpack Township

Wallpack, N.J.

On the lawn in front of the Walpack Municipal Building in Walpack Center

Wantage Township

Kilpatrick’s Reenactment

On Sussex County Rt 650 just north of Lake Neepaulin.

Wantage Township


At the entrance to the former Lusscroft Farm Route between Beemerville and Colesville.

Wantage Towship

D.A.R Von Bunschooten Museum

On the lawn in front of the museum on Route 23 North

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